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AI Dungeon Alternative

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I have been testing with substitute adventure settings, and by, that I mean dungeons that are not underground. Under are some ideas I have had, and I am hoping roleplaying. The tips readers force write in with similarly-structured alternative dungeon surroundings ideas of their personal. AI Dungeon Alternative is called the first immeasurable text adventure game of its kind built with very progressive artificial intelligence using a huge neural network. Thus its cand is a journey game in the games category. There are several games similar to AI Dungeon for various platforms, including Web-based, Windows Linux, Mac, and iPhone apps. The best AI Dungeon alternative is NovelAI. Although it’s not free, if you are looking for a free alternative, you could try KoboldAI or GodAI. Other Dungeon-like games are Text Synth, Deep Kingdoms, AI Story Search, and Story Time.

AI Dungeon Alternative
AI Dungeon Alternative

Shortly AI

Further, Shortly AI is the first AI Dungeon Alternative free tool. The AI competencies closely compare those created in AI Dungeon, a blank canvas designed for text generation. Thus difference to AI Dungeon, this tool helps you with writer’s block more than focusing on games. Recently, has acquired Shortly AI and is now seeking support to enable the transformation of text to various formats, such as video and audio. This is a significant development for the tool, as it lets users produce content in dissimilar media types.


Dreamly.AI helps you turn your dreams into fact. You do not want to be a pro to use it since it is so easy and fun. You can create and make your dreams just the way you like using their pleasant boundary. They have a dream library filled with loads of options for you to choose from. Therefore, get ready to dream big with Dreamly.AI, and first, you can join in your wildest ideas and commands. And second, when you need a break from everyday life, it is like an escape. Dreamily.AI sorts dreams by different types, and you can even find exact dreams using keywords.

Write Holo

Furthermore, you can use the Write Holo AI Dungeon Alternative to turn your ideas and thoughts into a stimulating story or e-book. All you have to do is type or talk about what is in your mind, and the AI will do the rest for you. This app has loads of structures that agreement you to try out all kinds of amusing effects and see what works best for your writing.

Some features are:

  • Redo/undo feature
  • Narrations for text-to-speech
  • Several writing-related datasets
  • Encrypted end-to-end voice recognition

Hence, Holo is similar, but it does not pay consideration to every little object you say. Therefore, you need to be in charge and tell it what to do to make sense. Holo is easier to achieve than AI Dungeon because it is not as random.

Philosopher AI

Whenever, this game uses the GPT-3 model, which is the same one AI DnD uses. It is all about asking big, thoughtful questions about life. Thus, the players can choose the queries they like or smoothly add their own questions. This method in the game always has fresh and stimulating effects to explore. Philosopher AI is the way to go if you want to learn about philosophy but do not recognize where to activate it. These are the queries it asks certainly make you think, and the GPT-3 model makes it all feel so real and fun although you learn.

NovelAI Image Generation

The AI associates your text with images, producing a new configuration every single time you prompt it. The NovelAI distribution image generation experience is exclusive. It gives you a creative tool to demonstrate your dreams without restrictions, allowing you to paint the stories of your thoughts.

Thus AI-based contribution service for production is specifically made to support your novel writing process using progressive algorithms. It offers respected comments and intelligent proposals to improve the quality of your writing. You can also ruminate NovelAI as an AI Dungeon alternative. The reasonably, NovelAI exceeds AI Dungeon when it comes to plot configuring. In difference, AI Dungeon’s funding is imperfect due to its limited language understanding, making it less effective with lengthy use.

Plot Generator

Plot Generator offers original characters, titles, and stories for a variety of categories. Fantasy, love, horror, mystery, science fiction, and more genres are accessible. Separately from modifying the font’s names, ages, genders, and personalities. You can also adjust the struggle and resolution.

It will then produce an opening paragraph, an abstract, and an advertisement for your story. Additionally, you can modify, save, and allocate your work.

Hyperwrite AI

Furthermore, it delivers thousands of active tools that can change the way you write, interconnect, and accomplish research. Hyperwrite is an AI Dungeon Alternative where AI gives the player opportunities to select from and make a story. These AI models use powerful like GPT-3 and Megatron, which Hyperwrite supports so you can write quicker and more capably.


Another text generator using AI is InferKit. The tool first explores what you enter and then generates the text or paragraphs it believes will follow next. While writing, novelists can find stimulation from this tool.  Furthermore, the app allows you to create poems. Instruct the tool to complete the text by writing some characters and striking the text button.

AI Dungeon Alternative
AI Dungeon Alternative


Furthermore, the AI Dungeon was originally constructed by Open AI GPT 2. However, the app was promoted to use GPT 3 in the late 2020s. Presently, AI Dungeon uses GPT 3 in its quality version. The free version of AI Dungeon was also upgraded to use the basic GPT 3 model and named AI Dungeon Griffin. The Griffin, a free model created on an early version of GPT-3, and Dragon, a more genuine model that is talented at creating more representative histories.

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