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How to make AI Videos

How to make AI Videos

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In this modern world, everyone wants to find ease in their professional work. In the video editing industry, professional wants to know “How to make AI Videos for Social Media Platforms & how to adopt AI for their routine video editing activities.” Let’s discuss some platforms for video editing as well as the social media platform. How can you take benefit from this technology and provide ease to your daily work.

If you want to make video for any specialized social media platform and you wish to make an original video then you can generate it through AI platforms. You just need a script for your video which can be generated through any AI platform like Chat GPT, Meta AI, Jemini, and any others.

Let’s say, if you want to make a video on Quiz or to check the IQ level of any individual, then you can give prompt to Chat GPT or any other AI text generated platform. They provides you the questions with their options and one option is correct which can be highlighted. You can use this text for making your original AI videos for TikTok, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platforms.

How to make AI Videos
How to make AI Videos

Voice Over of AI Videos

Furthermore, a video with a voice-over is a type of program content where a recorded description or spoken commentary is added to a video. Similarly, it comprises coordinating an audio track, normally containing of spoken words, with visuals to offer additional context, information, or storytelling. The voice-over supplements the pictures and helps transfer a message, explain concepts, or guide the viewer through the content. This arrangement of audio and video features develops the overall communication and arrangement of the video.

Let your content go outside text with our accurate AI voices. Produce high-quality spoken audio in any voice, style, and language. If you want to AI voice generator is powered by an AI model that renders human inflection and variations with unequaled reliability, regulating the delivery based on context.

The Best AI Voice Generator with ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs offers the best and top quality AI voice generator software online. Further, if you want to AI voice generator uses advanced deep learning models to provide high-quality audio output, feeling representing, and a wide range of vocal choices. It is perfect for content makers and writers looking to create attractive audio experiences.

Create Videos and Voiceovers with AI Voices

Furthermore, elevate content creation, engagement, and localization using ElevenLabs, AI-powered voices. Then produced voices certainly and within a minutes, with no need for recording studios or voice actors.


Moreover, engage your players in rich, dynamic worlds with our AI voice generator. From attractive discussion to real-time description, our tool brings your game’s audio to the next level.


Although, you take stories to life by transforming long-form content to likable audio. Further, AI voice generator lets you to create audiobooks with a normal voice, making it the perfect tool for writers and editors.

AI Chatbots

Thus, to build a more natural and fetching experience for your users with our AI voice generator. Our tool lets you make AI chatbots with human-like voices.

Dubbing Studio

You can also to restrict the videos with exact control over transcription, translation, timing, and more. Make a perfect voiceover in any language, with any voice, in minutes.

Convert Text to Video with Voiceover

To exchange text to a video with a voice-over.

Step 1. Open CapCut and produce a new development.
Step 2. You want to change text into the video. You can use the “Text” feature in CapCut to add titles, headings, or any other text elements;
Step 3. You want to use voice over and import the record. You can record directly within CapCut or importance a pre-recorded voice-over.
Step 4. The voice-over with the text of synchronization. So adjust the timing of the text animations to match the voice-over audio.
Step 5. Modify the video by adding images, effects, evolutions, and any other preferred features.
Step 6. Opening the video and make any required variations.

Transfer the final video in your favorite format. By following these steps, you can change text into a video with a matched voice-over using CapCut.

How to Get Voice Over for Video Generator About Canva

Furthermore, to record yourself on Canva, select your project and click the record voiceover button. Although, make sure your microphone is attached and at work. Press the record button to start recording your voice. When completed, the recording will automatically be added to your task.

How to make AI Videos
How to make AI Videos

Add Voiceovers to your Designs using Murf AI

If you want to bring your designs to life with Murf’s truthful AI voices. Pick from a range of high-quality voices through different languages and reactions. When you need is a script.

To use this app, you must be signed in with your Murf AI account.

This app is currently unavailable on Mobile. To use it, open your design on a desktop computer from the homepage.

  1. Go to Apps.
  2. On the search bar, type Murf AI and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  3. Select Murf AI. A pop-up window will perform.
  4. You want to use app in a remaining performance, select use in present design. Select your projects or shared with you to browse for your design.
  5. Select to use the app in a new design. Choose your ideal design type from the list of plans.

How to Add an AI Voiceover

  1. Click the dropdown to select a language.
  2. Select a voice. If you have Murf.AI Pro, you can choose from a wider range of voices by connecting See all.
  3. Now add your writing in the Enter your text box.
  4. Then click the Choose style dropdown to select a reaction or voice style.
  5. Click the make voiceover to listen to the voiceover. Once you are fulfilled with it and then click add to design.

Although, if you want a present Murf AI account and are taking problems sorting in, please refer to this support article. Although, if you are having trouble connecting the Murf AI app to Canva, please deliver a screenshot of the issue and reach out to us.

How Can CapCut AI Voice Improve your Voiceover?

These are the CapCut’s voiceover feature, it can be attractive and beautiful. It contracts you rapidly generate voiceovers for your videos without having to do all the record automatically. However, some cool things it might do comprise allowing you pick different voices and inflections, creating it easy to have reliable audio during your video. If you can use it for different languages and you are reaching an international viewers. It is a real time-saver and can be a reasonable friendly option related to hiring voice actors.

How to Use Capcut AI Text Speech to Generate Voiceover?

Step 1. Now start your video into CapCut and drop it onto your timeline.

Step 2. Head over to the upper left corner, find the “Text” menu, and slap on the “Add Text” button right onto the timeline. Up in the top right corner, type in your text with fonts, colors, or so on as you like.

Step 3. Further, you click on that text on the timeline, then career over to the top right and hit “Text to Speech.” Now, you will see a lot of voice options. Pick the one you elaborate, and click “Start reading” down in the bottom right to let it do its text-to-speech charmed.

How to make AI Videos
How to make AI Videos

VoxBox-Best AI Voice Over Generator

Although, if you want anything of Capcut’s AI voiceover is so hard to use and then and there VoxBox is a well choice. Voxbox is your go to AI voice generator, shortening the process of adding AI voiceovers to your CapCut videos. It offers 100+ languages and inflections, all with a 100% natural text-to-speech quality.

How to make an AI Videos for TikTok?

  1. Write a Script with AI. It uses at AI Script Writer to write a script for your videos.
  2. Select a TikTok templates.
  3. Click upload your content.
  4. Click editing and personalized.
  5. Click add sound and voiceover.
  6. Click preview and export.

In addition, if you want resize your video for TikTok by selection an aspect ratio that supports with TikTok. The video should maintain 1080 x 1080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

How to make an AI Videos for Facebook?

  1. Click to add your video and then upload your audio file or import it by URL.
  2. AI produce reels review from your original video and generated for AI clips.
  3. Make editing the videos as much as you like and when you are happy, just click on Export.

Facebook mentions uploading the top resolution video is accessible that meets the size and all aspect ratio limits from 9:16 to 16:9 are accepted. Nevertheless, vertical videos may be covered to a ratio of 4:5.

How to make an AI Videos for Twitter?

  1. Click upload your video then rapidly start. YouTube link or straight interesting and rising your videos for upload.
  2. You adding your personal touch using a variety of editing tools to make your AI video.
  3. Click export button and Share.

Further, if you want to improve your video for Twitter, confirm your video is within 2 minutes and 20 seconds, with a file size no larger than 512MB. Twitter also mentions an aspect ratio 1:1.

How to make an AI Videos for YouTube?

  1. Click sign-up or log-in to AI video. Select a workflow & prompt your idea.
  2. Usual your parameters.
  3. AI video editing with a prompt.
  4. Click export button and share.

Thus, you want also the suggested aspect ratio for YouTube. At 16:9, your videos are widescreen and conquer the whole YouTube video frame on both desktop and mobile.

How to make an AI Videos for Instagram?

  1. Choose the title and script of your video.
  2. AI Powered Engine.
  3. Your design to editing.
  4. Click download and

Whereas, Instagram videos are showed in either a 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio for supports or a 9:16 aspect ratio for reels. It makes resizing videos for Instagram simple and easy for every layout.


Finally, AI video summarization is the process of developing artificial intelligence to produce short summaries of long videos. Furthermore, this technology explores the entire video content and abstracts the key takeout and main points. How to make AI videos then you can generate of AI summary is by calculating the video record and identifying the key points, and the ideas. It can then use this information to create a brief summary that captures the main points of the video.

Lastly, this article read to you possibly have a good knowledge about Capcut AI Voice over tool. In the statement, most text-to-speech tools on the market can meet the needs of the minority. Although, make your videos stand out does not just trust on voiceovers. It also be determined by on the quality of your video content. In addition to that, you can also use a VoxBox AI Voice Generator to transform your videos audio. It is also provide tools are a fantastic AI videos.

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