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Novelai Image Generation

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Firstly, the Novelai image generation tool offers an exciting free type, allowing you to craft charming pictures deprived of any cost. To unlock all the incredible website features, select the paid package. For AI art generation, which crops photographs from text prompts. Further, Novelai uses a practice kind of source-available Stable Transmission text-to-image diffusion model called Novelai Diffusion. Squibler is measured as the best AI book-writing software by the world’s furthermost progressive teams, writers, and designers. It has all the tools needed to make your scenario story come to life. I wanted something more cooperative, and Squibler is precisely that.

How to Use Novel AI Image Generation

Further, you have wanted to create high-quality images using artificial intelligence. In this article, we will offer a step-by-step guide on how to use this influential tool. But first, let’s understand the estimating and subscription options.


Novelai Image Generation
Novelai Image Generation

Pricing and Subscription

Novel AI offers three subscription packages: Although, the free trial does not tolerate image generation, a subscription from the Tablets Package forwards is required. Please note that as the price rises, more access tools become accessible.

Logging in and Accessing the Image Generation Tool

When subscribe, log in to your account and direct to the image generation page. Click on “New Story” to contact the instrument.

Providing Prompts for Image Generation

Furthermore, to create an image, you need to offer prompts. They use tags to sculpt your outputs. While the instrument also provides suggestions as you type, supporting you to expand your prompt.

Modifying Image Settings

Further, now you can modify the image settings allowing your favorites. Select the vile image as a position and select the desired image measurements. Moreover, you can identify the number of images you want to generate.

Generating the Image

Furthermore, After you are dissatisfied with your prompt and image settings, click on “Generate” to produce your exclusive image. Novelai monitoring systems will work in the background to make the image fast and exact.

Editing and Increasing the Generated Image

Afterward, the image is produced, and further you have the option to increase and edit it. The tool affords structures like increasing the image, generating variants, upscaling, and using a base image. You can modify these settings to further improve the quality of your image.

Saving and Downloading the Image

Further, you are fulfilled with your created and modified image, you can save and download it. Although, make sure that you have required approvals to use the images generated from Novel AI, regarding copyright laws.

Moreover, with those steps, you can easily use Novelai Image Generation to create high-class images for different purposes. Recollect to experiment, discover diverse prompts, and uncheck your creativity.

Best NovelAI Image Generation Prompts

Furthermore, A list of the best Novelai image-generation prompts is provided below:

Anime NovelAI Image Prompts

  • The anime girl attitudes in a field of flowers with her flowing hair and piercing blue eyes.
  • Everywhere at a campfire, anime friends talk and laugh.
  • The eyes of an anime character are shown in the photograph, showing all the details and reactions they are suffering.
  • This anime setting expands out to infinity, with mountains, rivers, and forests.
  • With active poses and ambitious action, anime characters fight a powerful enemy.

Fantasy NovelAI Image Prompts

  • A splendid dragon is flying through the sky with its parts spread wide.
  • Discovering a mysterious dungeon with a group of explorers.
  • Lightning and energy spin around a powerful expert casting a spell.
  • With catalysts flying and weapons clashing, a knight battles a dragon.

Sci-fi NovelAI Image Prompts

  • Towers soar, and flying cars flit across the sky.
  • Exploring a strange and alien planet with a group of astronauts.
  • An in-depth view of a computer’s face reveals its complicated circuitry and mechanism.
  • Laser rays and explosions fill the air as a great spaceship fights a fleet of enemy ships.
  • Unknown spies discover a human city masked as humans.

Realism NovelAI Image Prompts

  • This photorealistic picture of a human face arrests all the little limitations and details.
  • Fabulous mount, river, and forest background shot.
  • A zoom photograph viewing a flower’s elaborate details and faint petals.
  • Effortlessly catching all the drama and intensity of a historical event.
  • The beauty and power of a wild animal in its natural environment.


Novelai Image Generation
Novelai Image Generation


Furthermore, Novel AI Image Generation is a powerful tool that connects the potential of artificial intelligence to create exclusive and high-quality images. Further, you can easily cross through the process of creating, editing, and improving your images. You will be better prepared to improve your optical storytelling and design projects. Although, if you do not want to buy a plan for NovelAI, you can look for free NovelAI replacements. To get the best result, if your created content does not look good. As a result, you can make it improved by using words like “high quality” or “best quality,” in your prompts. This will help you get restored data and recover the results directly.

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